New Orleans Passport Agency - No help at all

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I applied for my passport on May 07,2013 and recieved a letter in the mail, please send additional information did so, and as of today haven't recieve my passport.Everytime I call I get the same answer it is being process no one know anything expect it is being process.

It is a fake this Customer Service Center. About to lose my vaction money and no one can help or give you a straight answer. What a sorry state is agency is in.

Ohhhhhhhh!I can stand the round around they give you, just say your not going to issue the passport.

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New Orleans Passport Agency is NOT helping my at all

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I applied for my passport on August 6, 2008 and still have not received it.I had to send in some additional information which i did August 27, 2008.

Since then i have heard nothing from the New Orleans Passport Agency. I paid extra for the expedite fee and i was supposed to have my passport within 2 weeks. It has been almost 2 months now. I am extremely frustrated with the level of communication and service that i have received.

I can't email them because there is an automatic response system. They say for additional information to call a number. When i call the number all i am told is that it's in process. Nothing more.

The need for my passport is urgent and they don't seem to care in the slightest. I am still waiting for some kind of information to go on.

It's getting really frustrating.

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If you had just sent in the right stuff the first time, you wouldn't have had problems. The expedite just put you on the top of the pile-- not following directions pushed you back to the bottom. You did this to yourself.

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